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Customs tariff nos.
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Dangerous goods data
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Analysis certificates
    CAS NO. 9004-83-5
  Appearance/25? C:  clear liquid, free of foreign matter
  Colour (Gardner):  6 max.
  Moisture (K.F.):  4 - 6 %
  Cloud Point:  50.5 - 54.5 %  (1 % aqu. soln.)
  Character:  non-ionic
  Actives:  95 %
  Specific Gravity:  1.05  (at 20? C)
  Surface Tension:  28 dynes/cm  (25? C, 0.05 % soln.)
  Standard Applic.:  metal cleaning
    textile detergency and textile treatment
    anti-flake for paints
  Standard Packing:  208,66 kgs metal drums
  Shelf Life:  730 days
Material Safety Data Sheet
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Analysis Methods
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