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Analysis certificates
  Scientific Name:  Malpighi Glabra Linne
  Family:  Malpighiaceae
  Raw Material:  Acerola berries
  Extraction:  Drug fresh
  Carrier Substance:  50 % Maltodextrin
  Conservant:  none
  Extr.Solvent:  water
  Aspect:  fine powder
  Colour:  light pink
  Odour:  characteristic
  Taste:  acid, characteristic
  Solubility:  soluble in water
  Loss on drying:  max.  6.0 %
  Assay Ascorbic Acid:  17.22 %
  Bacteria Aerobic:  max. 10000/g
  Enterobacteries:  max.   100/g
  Salmonella:  absent/25 g
Material Safety Data Sheet
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Analysis Methods
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