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 No data available.
Customs tariff nos.
  Customs Code  Description  Cust. 
  Cust. Duties spezial
  3913 1000 000  ALGINS?URE  5.0  0.0      
Dangerous goods data
 No data available.
Analysis certificates
  Description:  white to pale yellowish-brown crystalline or
    amorphous powder
  Identification:  tests A,B,C coform
  Chlorides:  0.26 %
  Heavy Metals:  < 20 ppm (as Pb)
  Loss on Drying:  7.5 %
  Sulphated Ash:  7.3 %
  Carboxyl Groups:  22.3 %
  pH:  3.0 (3% aqueous solution)
  Particle Size:  99.9 % through 125 micron
Material Safety Data Sheet
 No data available.
Analysis Methods
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