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Customs tariff nos.
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Dangerous goods data
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Analysis certificates
  Description:  fine white amorphous powder
  Spec.Surface Area:  105m2/g [90-130m2/g]
  Identification A+B:  passed
  Chlorides/Limit of 
  Chloride:  <250 ppm [
  Heavy Metals/Limit 
  of Lead:  < 25 ppm [<25 ppm]
  Water Dispersible 
  Fraction:  <3.0% [
  Loss on Ignition:  0.6% [
  Assay:  100.0% [99.0-101.0%]
  TSE/BSE & Materials 
  of Plant Origin:  No raw materials of animal or plant origin (as
    mentioned in EMEA/410/01, current version) are
    used in the production process of AEROSIL (R)
    PHARMA. The product has not been in contact with
    and constitunionally does not include any material
    of animal or plant origin in it?s production faci-
  Residual Solvents:  No organic solvents are used during the production
    process of AEROSIL (R) PHARMA. For this reason,
    constitutionally no residual solvents (as cited in
    CPMP/ICH/283/95 and amendments) are present.
  Shelf Life:  2 years from date of manufacture
Material Safety Data Sheet
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Analysis Methods
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