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Customs tariff nos.
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Dangerous goods data
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Analysis certificates
  Description:  conforms [USP]
  Solubility:  conforms [USP]
  Identification:  conforms [USP]
  pH:  7.0 [6.5-7.5]
  Loss on Drying:  3.1% [max.14.5%]
  Mercury:  passes test [max.1 ppm]
  Isopopyl Alcohol:  passes test [no red color]
  Nitrogen:  10.27% [9.90-10.60%], dried basis, as N
  Assay:  98.3% [94.0-102.0%], dried basis, as
                                       C2 H8 Al NO4
  Acid-Neutral.Capac.:  19.6 mEq/g
  Tapped Bulk Density:  0.59 g/ml
    This product does not contain any residual
    solvents, since such are not used in the manufac-
    turing process.
Material Safety Data Sheet
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Analysis Methods
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