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 No data available.
Customs tariff nos.
  Customs Code  Description  Cust. 
  Cust. Duties spezial
  3824 9064 900  ACRIFLAVINIUMCHLORID  6.5  0.0    P-LISTE - ZOLLFREI 
Dangerous goods data
 No data available.
Analysis certificates
  Description:  orange red to red powder
  Identification Test:  complies BPC 63 test
  Solubility:  complies BPC 63 test
  Water Insol. Matter:  passes BPC 63 test
  Certain Other 
  Acridine Derivative 
  Test:  passes BPC 63 test
  Loss on Drying:  3.02 % (105?C 1 hr)
  Sulphated Ash:  0.45 %
  Assay:  101.24 % (with sub.dried at 105?C & as of
    C14 H14 N3 CL, HCL
Material Safety Data Sheet
 No data available.
Analysis Methods
 No data available.
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